Password Storage Database (Freeware)

acsSafe is an encrypted password safe, designed to store all of your sensitive data.

When the internet took off some years ago, like many people, I found myself with an ever increasing number of usernames and passwords and nowhere secure to store them.

When I came to look for a simple off-the-shelf program, I found most contenders were either too complicated, insisted on connecting to my internet browser or worse still required to be connected to the internet directly.

So I created acsSafe with the following features:-

  • A simple, encrypted, totally insular database with one single program file.
  • No access to the internet.
  • No connection to any other program including your internet browser.
  • No secret back door into the password list. This does mean that if you forget your master password then there is no recovery from this. You have lost your password list - even I have no way of accessing it for you.

acsSafe is probably the least sophisticated program you will ever use - but it is self-contained, safe and easy to use.

In the spirit of giving a little something back to the internet for all the great freeware programs I have used in the past, acsSafe is now free for you to download and use. I hope you find it as useful as I do.

End User Licence Agreement (PDF)