We specialise in bespoke database software applications for industrial and commercial businesses and non-commercial organisations.

All businesses work differently and trying to fit your working practices into an of-the-shelf software package can sometines proove difficult to achieve.

At Aurora we take great pride in using our 35+ years experience developing commercial and industrial grade bespoke software applications, to provide you with the custom software solution you are looking for, hopefully at a price that does not break the bank.

A system tailored to your organisation's current individual needs, but designed with the flexibility to develop as the future unfolds.

  • Built especially for you to meet your specific requirements.
  • Eases into your business or organisation with a minimum of disruption.
  • Simple to use interfaces - you wont find your software cluttered with other people's modifications.
  • Peace of mind that if your requirements change in the future so can your software.
  • Optimise the delivery of information in your organisation with a bespoke database application.
  • Knowledge - with over 30 years experience writing business software, we never forget that it is your knowledge of your company that makes for a successful outcome.
  • Efficiency - a well designed software application can help you work efficiently, and thereby reduce costs.

We have developed software for clients as diverse as The EggCrafters Guild of Great Britain and The Northern Police Convalescent and Treatment Centre.

If you feel a custom built software solution or a professionally designed database may be the answer to your current business needs then give us a call on 01282 693844 or email for more details.